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Sports Coaching and Sports Medicine

Most running injuries are related to gait mechanics that can only be reliably identified using 3D computerised systems. Motion capture allows us to better understand the causes and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries and improve performance by identifying characteristics of running technique that may be non-optimal.

Running assessments are conducted at our laboratory using 3D high-speed motion capture and a comprehensive biomechanical field analysis using high speed video cameras can also be conducted by arranging a Motion.3D site visit to your facility.


 Just like to let you know that we were successful at the recent World Youth Championships (Under 18) held in Ukraine last week and Eleanor Patterson is now the World Youth champion in High Jump. I would like to thank you and so does Eleanor for your contribution in assisting with preparation for this event. Very professional and beneficial for both coach and athlete at a reasonable cost. The 3D equipment used is ground breaking with its data capture and is ably assisted by fantastic software and followed up with a thorough report and summary. The analysis highlighted some weaknesses that are well beyond the naked eye. Dr Oren Tirosh's knowledge is first class and I would highly recommend the 3D analysis for any athlete.  

David Green,
Level IV Athletics Coach