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Motion.3D can help you in resolving disputed personal injury claims by undertaking a 3D gait analysis to precisely and reliably quantify your client's level of movement impairment. Our expert opinion is supported by our walking Gait Analysis report

Motion.3D provides expert opinions for personal injury cases concerning trips, slips or other falls-related incidents that can be addressed from an analysis of CCTV recordings.

If you are managing a falls injury claim we can provide an independent expert opinion on any legal questions as a detailed report of the falling incident based on a biomechanical analysis of your CCTV digital video files. This analysis concerns two fundamental questions: (i) the nature of the destabilizing event, for example, a trip or a slip; and (ii) the reasons for the claimant failing to maintain their stability and falling.

The report’s technical details are supplemented with plain-language ‘translations’ to clearly and succinctly address the legal questions. Our analysis and concluding opinions are supported with references to biomechanics research, including our own publications.

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