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The Foundation of Our Business

Given the lack of specialist gait analysis services in Australia, in 2010 Motion.3D was founded as the first private provider of three-dimensional (3D) computerised gait analysis. This service was previously only available to individuals with access to University, Hospital or Sports Institute movement laboratories.

We have developed a commercially successful referral and financial accounting model with all the convenience and efficiency associated with similar health-industry diagnostic imaging and pathology services. Following a referral from a qualified representative, such as an allied health or medico-legal professional, the patient or claimant is provided a 3D gait assessment appointment at our laboratory. Within two working days a written report, supplemented by digital video displays and a plain-language summary, is made available to the client and their referring professional.

Our gait analysis reports are now proving invaluable to medical and allied health specialist in treating running injuries and evaluating the rehabilitation of individuals referred to us by a wide range of clients.

What we Do: Three-Dimensional (3D) Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is the process of measuring and evaluating walking and running mechanics to treat walking-related disorders and ensure efficient injury-free running. Only computerised 3D gait analysis is sufficiently precise and reliable to be recognized as the “gold standard” for clinical decision making. Motion.3D uses a high sampling frequency computer-based sensor system to capture three-dimensional coordinate data which is then used to produce standardised gait reports comprising a range of clinically important variables.

We complement our 3D analysis reports with high-speed cameras to analyse and observe motion in two spatial dimensions (2 D). In addition to motion analysis we also measure and evaluate foot-ground impact using body-mounted sensors.

Motion.3d reports: Walking, Running and Tibial shock

Gait analysis is the study of walking and running. It is used to assess, plan, and treat individuals with conditions affecting their ability to walk. It is also commonly used in sports to help athletes run more efficiently and determine whether non-traumatic or overuse injuries are caused by dysfunctional characteristics of running mechanics.

Motion.3D provides a quantitative 3D biomechanical analysis of walking and running allowing a comprehensive overview of the possible causes of gait dysfunction and associated pain. The following information is provided in all three Motion.3D reports.